At East + Bay Law Group, we’ve said goodbye to the snooze-worthy legal business practices of the past and welcomed them into the modern era. Gone are the days of sky-high legal fees, ambiguous pricing, and weeks of waiting for a response from your lawyer. 




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To ensure our clients receive the utmost quality and white-glove care, we operate with limited availability. If you’re interested in working together, you may apply below to join our waitlist. After we review and approve your application, we will be in touch with any additional questions and to schedule your project.

We’ll work with you an la carte project that's tailored to your business for a flat-rate free. 

Flat rate projects

need something specific accomplished?

If you anticipate legal support that spans the length of several months or juggling various projects at once, we’ll be your attorney of choice through thick and thin.

retainer basis

Have multiple projects on your plate or need ongoing support?

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Secure answers to your biggest legal questions and any urgent-needed solutions in a 60-minute call with one of our licensed attorneys.


Double down on your business practices with custom contracts, redline reviews, or get support with navigating negotiations and contract disputes.


Protect your company's assets and intellectual property with done-for-you registering, filing and management, without the hours of combing the internet. 


Sign on for a custom project — whether it's a will, dispute, real estate, document review, or something else, we’ll be with you through it all.




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Want a custom contract created for your business? Or need a second pair of eyes before signing your life away on the dotted line? We'll tighten up your contracts and strip away the legal jargon.


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We’ll work with you to make sure your business, brand, and intellectual property is protected through our thorough application and registration processes, and when necessary, we will provide strategy, management and IP infringement support. 

trademarks & IP

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Want to talk it out with an attorney you trust? Schedule a 60-minute call for one-off support to guide you through your any current situations or necessary strategies, no matter how time-sensitive or confusing. 


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Don’t quite see what you’re looking for? We also offer support with one-off and custom projects. Let us know what you have in mind, and we'll see if we're a good fit! Get in touch with us via the link below and we’ll send over a tailored custom proposal for your specific needs. 

CUSTOM projects

With just one call, East & Bay answered every single creative law question I had about my painting business, while breaking it down into terms I could understand. They even went further to address some questions I hadn't thought of, and did extensive research to provide examples and links for reference. After our call, I've never felt more secure in the legality of my work, partnerships, copyright, etc. - and I will certainly come to them again for future questions."

“They answered every single creative law question I had...

Carly long, FOUNDER OF white poppy studio

...worried about not understanding what they would do for me, and getting all of my needs met as a business owner and an individual. But East & Bay was so attentive, thorough, and ready to hear exactly what I needed for my new contract and create that for me, AND made it easy to understand and was always there to answer any questions or thoughts I had. I'm so grateful I stumbled across East & Bay Law. Their process is impeccable. They made creating a contract that I can use for my clients so easy. I filled out an extensive questionnaire that I was so impressed by because I knew they would be taking in all of my notes and creating something awesome, substantial, and completely for me and my business.”

“I was intimidated to invest and work with a lawyer...,


...I also love that my clients will be able to read and understand it. I know that I'm no longer in a vulnerable position in my business — but, what I'm actually most excited about is that it's going to allow me to show up as the business owner and partner to my clients that I want to be. I'm not worried about hashing out terms, or having tough conversations with my clients because our relationship is so clearly outlined in the contract...I can just focus on connecting with them, serving them, and building a relationship that will benefit both of us for years. Providing a killer client experience is crucial the success and longevity of our business, and I love that our contract isn't just a means to an end, but really supports that sentiment. The legal protection feels good, but what this is making possible for my client relationships is priceless and directly supports my life's work.”

“I feel SO confident in my new contract. It's super thorough, thoughtfully crafted, and protective...

pia beck, founder of curate well co.


"Never in my life did I think I could say 'I'll have my attorney look into this matter!' and let me tell ya what, having that trusted person in your corner to make sure everything is covered and handled legally is the best feeling ever. We worked with Easy & Bay to completely overhaul all the things and now we have have custom legal documents that ensure we're protected and everything is clear and communicated. Magi even helped us with our trademark filings which we'd kinda avoided for years because it was so above our heads. But that's the thing. Magi makes all that legal stuff approachable, accessible and dare I say fun because she's just a wonderful human, genuinely cares about you and your business and know how to balance both the legal side of our business with the creative / artistic side. I can't tell you how comforting and reassuring that is!"

“Magi makes all that legal stuff approa-chable, accessible, and dare I say, fun."

Jeffrey shipley, co-founder of TOnic site Shop

retainer basis


Fill out an application and join our waitlist. If you’re a good fit, we’ll reach out with additional details, including an estimate of our expected availability to begin working together. 


Once your application is approved, you’ll receive a contract and invoice to become an official client. You'll have immediate access to us to get started on your scope of work.


 Through your client portal, an initial kick off call, and our Slack channel, we’ll gather more details, get organized, and start communicating on your project. 

THe process

Have multiple projects on your plate or need more open-ended support?

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on retainer services for ongoing legal support.

If you’ve found yourself in way over your head in the legal department, there’s good news: you can ask for help. We’re here to support your business as your day-to-day legal counsel for any questions and scenarios that might arise. 

this is for you if:

You’re juggling multiple legal projects

Trying to file a trademark, draft or tighten up multiple contracts, negotiate with a partner or brand, settle a dispute that feels a little like walking on eggshells, or just want more open-ended support? We’ll manage the moving pieces of all the legal things.

You're launching a new project or brand

Are you hiring employees, signing a building lease, or working on your next venture? We’ll help you prime and protect your business for growth. 

You’re ready for ongoing support

Have lots of confusion, loads of questions, or aren’t quite sure where to start? We’ll make all this legal stuff easy to understand. 

You’re a rapidly growing business

Want to set up your business to scale quickly? We’ll make sure you’ve set your foundation and avoid the legal headache and pricey attorney fees later on. 

what's included:

ready for ongoing legal support?

A licensed attorney dedicated to you and your ongoing legal projects

Priority access in our project queue and expedited legal services

a one day response time to all client communications

Monthly billing and transparent pricing with no surprising legal fees

Exclusive guidance with any questions you have along the way

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"Artist I am, lawyer I am not. After two years of navigating some of the most complicated changes in the events world that I have seen in my twenty years in business, I have left the contracts and legal negotiations to Magi, and I've found her to be an incredible resource for client negotiation and contract management. My clients benefit from Magi, which to me is the ultimate goal. Her insights into both the creative and law world has made communication simple and easy to understand. As a result, I have more time to focus on what I do best."

- Corbin Gurkin, Top Wedding Photographer

“Since becoming a business owner over 9 years ago I have learned the hard way that the legal side of your business should not be ignored and how important written contracts and agreements are. Not only to protect you and your business but to set up clear expectations. Especially big important contracts, where a simple miscommunication could lead to a large issue. Magi was able to ease my mind and worry after putting together a custom agreement for me for a part of my business that is very important to my livelihood and family. Now I don't have to worry about any 'what if's' and can rest knowing my business is protected.”

- Lexi Clifford, Founder of Belle Lumiere magazine

“My experience working with East & Bay Law was fantastic. I've long been phobic of legal jargon and anything too 'contractual' but I also knew I needed to create a document that protected me and my business and clearly laid everything out. While I had initially hoped there was some magical way to avoid all legal terminology entirely and create a succinct contract in no more than three pages, I do admit I audibly gasped when the 12 pages arrived in my inbox. But I came to my senses and also was able to talk through everything with them, which helped me to realize it was just what I needed. They included what I requested, plus clauses and language I didn't even know I needed. It was a great experience overall. I feel more secure in my business, and I wouldn't hesitate to work with East & Bay again.”

- shira savada, editor, consultant and stylist

"Taking the next step to grow your business can be a scary world of unknowns; systems, legality, etc. Working with East & Bay Law gave me the clarity and confidence I needed to move forward with growing my business and hiring a team in the most efficient way. I'm so thankful for their guidance and can testify that Magdalena truly is an open book when it comes to sharing her methods and resources!"

- dani cowan, wedding photographer

“I am so grateful to have found East & Bay! Their experience and knowledge is priceless and so valuable for what was needed to create a strong and protective contract. They understand all angles and recommended so many new things to add to our contract. I now have the peace of mind that when I send out my contract, I know that it is protective not only for me, but also my client, and leaves no unanswered questions in the booking process. East & Bay is a perfectionist in making sure everything is easily understandable, properly worded, and ensuring there are no loopholes in the contract that someone could misconstrued. It was also so amazing having someone that was willing to go the extra mile in making sure everything was perfect, even when that meant having to restructure an entire contract. I cannot recommend them enough!”

- amanda ernst, owner of studio imbue

"East & Bay Law helped me craft my artist licensing agreement and even suggested further documents, so that I can officially start partnering with photographers on paintings, create a more streamlined process for receiving payment, and most importantly - a smoother and more professional purchasing agreement to send to my clients and customers. I am very, very grateful for her, her intelligence, kind nature, encouragement and 10 / 10 would definitely recommend her to anyone who's starting a business, or perhaps just wants to up the professionalism of their current one."

- carly long, white poppy studios

"East & Bay's custom contract services are worth every penny. After a crazy year, I decided to invest in a new contract. I didn't want to get the same template contract every other photographer has in the industry. I needed something that was easy to read and easy to communicate to my clients. That's where East & Bay comes in. They built me a custom contract based on how I run my business and walked me through how to explain everything in the contract to my clients. I have never felt more at peace with my business. Now as I move forward I know that I can refer to what my contract says and there is almost always going to be a section that lays out how to handle each situation. I even had them help me craft language around communication between my clients and myself to help set better boundaries."

- aislinn mckenna, photographer & Coach


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If you’re interested in working with East + Bay, we encourage you to apply for the project type you are most suited for using the buttons above. For one-off specific or finite projects, please use the appropriate project-based application form above. For open-ended and ongoing support or multiple projects, please use the retainer client application.

From there, you’ll fill out an application with questions and information that we need to evaluate your project, and in the meantime, you’ll get added to the waitlist. We’ll respond as soon as we have a chance to review your application.

We’ve got you covered. Learn more about our application and onboarding process, areas of expertise, and other frequently asked questions.