We serve small businesses, creatives, INNOVATORS, ATHLETES, INFLUENCERS, artists, and multi-venture entrepreneurs with legal support that doesn’t zap the creative soul straight out of your spirit. 

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When it’s time to seal the deal on that massive new project and send the contract over to your new client, you want the legal confidence to call it: “8 ball. Corner pocket.”

After all, you aren’t here to cheer — you’re here to score.

If you’re looking for counsel that understands your ingenuity, embraces your visionary nature, and advocates on behalf of it — you’ve come to the right place. 

Same page? read on.

We’re so over the cold, stuffy, and exceptionally outdated legal industry. 

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small businesses

who want to feel confident in their contracts


who want to claim their intellectual property


who want to collaborate and contribute without worrying


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contract review, custom creation + negotiation.

trademark, copyright, + protection of creative assets.


legal consulting + business start-up advice

Need something else? Send us an email and let us know what you need help with. From there, we’ll see if we’re the right fit or provide a recommendation to one of our colleagues. 

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Meet Magdalena Fisher — an accomplished artist, licensed attorney, and multi-venture entrepreneur, including a large-scale luxury photography studio. 

After working with some of the industry’s top creators she saw the lack of transparency and empathy that her peers received from their fancy lawyers. So Magdalena did what she does best: she intervened with a vision. 

East + Bay Law Group is refined, stabilizing, and relentlessly consistent — a trusted partner and the voice of reason through the legal matters you’ve never imagined working through before, at least not alone.

ABout our firm + Founder

Without being seen as “out there” and eccentric. Without going cross-eyed whilst reading over legal jargon. Without being nickel and dimed for every question you ask.

The creative economy is on the rise and growing faster than anything we’ve seen before. And in our professional opinion, it’s time the legal industry caught up.

At East + Bay Law Group, we believe that small business owners, creatives, artists, and multi-venture entrepreneurs deserve to be recognized, prioritized, and protected. 

“I haven’t heard back from my lawyer in over a month,” says the first. 

“At least you have a lawyer,” says the second. “I don’t even know what to ask about or the kind of legal advice I need.” 

Our ears perked up like the caffeine dripping from the gleaming espresso machine. That’s when we leaned in with a “we can help with that.” 

Our story starts at a coffee shop, when we overheard two creatives catching up over oat milk lattes. 


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